Ken Judi

Judi’s consulting expertise comes from over two decades of professional experiences she had prior to founding The Medlin Group in 2003 with her husband, Ken. Judi and Ken believed that the combined knowledge and real-world background they’d each encountered was worth something, especially to other executives.

​They wanted to integrate their respective viewpoints, expertise, outcomes, and mistakes to benefit those currently in leadership positions. Since 2003 The Medlin Group has provided services to CEOs, Presidents, Chief Operating Officers, Executive Vice Presidents, and other senior operational leaders from around the country across all industries and lines of business. In 2006 the company also began providing leadership and team-based consulting to Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors, and other staff leaders in charge of departmental ministries.

Today, The Medlin Group serves for-profit corporate clients as well as non-profit organizations, churches and ministries. Judi is quick to declare she is not a career consultant as her professional background reveals. Upon graduation from Wheaton College (Wheaton, IL) with majors in Pre-Medicine (Biology) and Economics, Judi opted to forego med school and instead enter the business world. Throughout her commendable 25-year career in high tech, Judi ‘s foundation was her honoring respect for people and her touchstone was her deeply imbedded values.

Judi’s career started in sales at one of the most recognized and respected companies in the industry – IBM. Judi credits IBM with the uncompromising foundation of practicing the Golden Rule, a commitment that she wholeheartedly embraces to this day. Judi joined Lotus Development to expand her expertise in software and was named the Strategic Sales Director for the West Coast, the country’s most prominent and demanding geography associated with software innovation and development. When Judi became Vice President at Netscape, she and her worldwide sales team handled the most influential global client relationships. At Adobe Systems where Judi was Vice President and General Manager, her executive leadership responsibilities spanned the 20+ countries in North, Central, and South America where she managed not only the internal staff and resources, but the extensive external business partner relationships as well. As Vice President and General Manager at Dell, Judi led a handpicked team of professionals into an emerging market with innovative Dell product solutions supported by state-of-the-art third party partnerships. In all of her executive leadership roles, Judi cultivated strong relationships based on earned trust, authentic communication, clear vision, and compassionate concern. The results were teams that willingly went beyond the call to execute and to deliver.

Following her career in high tech, Judi utilized her corporate leadership experience and extensive network across a broader range of companies as a Partner in the Global High Tech and Emerging Technology Executive Search practices of In this role, Judi assisted executive teams, management boards, entrepreneurs, and private equity firms in finding high impact CXO-level players. Judi had learned the value of matching the right leader to both the position as well as the culture of the company. To Judi, consulting means offering another individual insight into what might be happening and why, enabling them to make better decisions by thinking with more breadth, insight, and empathy.