"The essential element common to all good relationships, team interactions, and leadership approaches is communication."


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"During the early part of the Great Recession, as group leader of the real estate practice for the Orlando office of my law firm, I decided our young associates could benefit from some training on business development issues. The Medlin Group led two partners and four associates through a comprehensive study of human behaviors, motivators and communication tips to enable us to more effectively connect with clients and prospective clients. Each member of our group participated in a self-analysis and received a report on our individual values and motivators. This helped us identify our own strengths and weakness and provided insight into the communication style that best fit our personalities. Using this self-analysis, The Medlin Group then led us through exercises geared towards enhancing communication with clients and co-workers in a fashion that would maximize the chances of success. I have used the techniques and analysis learned from The Medlin Group's program with existing and prospective clients, with great success. It also enabled me, as group leader, to follow, support and critique the efforts of our associates in their business development activities. I recommend The Medlin Group without reservation."

A. Guy Neff
Senior Partner
Significant International Law Firm

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The Medlin Group is a leadership and management consulting firm that helps companies develop people and process to produce results. In the end, success is all about execution and execution is achieved when a motivated, well-equipped team led by a skilled, focused leader carries out a clear vision.

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