"The essential element common to all good relationships, team interactions, and leadership approaches is communication."


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"It is my pleasure to share an unconditional and enduring recommendation for The Medlin Group. I have worked with Ken & Judi Medlin for over 20 years - first as a colleague of Ken's at AT&T and then as a client of The Medlin Group in two distinct sales leadership roles and challenges. While at AT&T, I had the opportunity to lead a turnaround of the Mid Market business segment. I engaged Ken & Judi to build a leadership framework to baseline and develop the skills of my leadership team and to establish a foundation to engage each other in teamwork to accomplish a seemingly impossible turnaround goal. This work led to significant transformation of our go to market model, selling strategy, and of course, sales management practice. Ken and Judi were instrumental in clarifying our challenges and bringing a highly customized solution including a broad array of tools, case studies, and workshops that spanned over three years together. This work created a common language, a shared understanding of our goal, and a level of teamwork that was directly related to our successful outcome - we did turnaround the business and delivered excellent results across the multiple dimensions of revenue growth, market position, customer experience and satisfaction, employee retention, accounts receivable, and profitability. In parallel to the work with our leadership team, we expanded the engagement with The Medlin Group to work with our front line team to assess ability and potential and to introduce the role-play approach into our sales development program. Ken and Judi are expert in this approach - and expended a lot of blood, sweat, and tears with our leadership and front line sales team to implement this strategy as an on-going tool in our program. In my view, this is the single most important investment a sales team can make to increase skill and effectiveness in a solutions oriented, account managed relationship with business customers. As Vice President of Sales at Bucyrus, I asked Ken and Judi to perform a leadership assessment and workshop with my new sales leadership team. Although this engagement was simpler and shorter - it set the stage for my new leadership team to tackle another seemingly impossible goal. We delivered a record result - and a sequential 44% increase in sales. Of course, there were many aspects to this performance - but the ability to function effectively as a leadership team in the face of challenging goals must start with a clear objective and a functioning leadership team - this is a sweet spot for The Medlin Group. Ken and Judi bring diverse real world leadership experience, functional know how, professional program management, and most of all - an authentic desire to help people and teams perform to their greatest potential. I am happy to recommend Ken and Judi and look forward to my next opportunity for their support and partnership! "

Mark Metzendorf
VP, Sales & Marketing Operations
Caterpillar Global Mining

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The Medlin Group is a leadership and management consulting firm that helps companies develop people and process to produce results. In the end, success is all about execution and execution is achieved when a motivated, well-equipped team led by a skilled, focused leader carries out a clear vision.

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